Salient Feature:-

  • "BABA" flour mill can be used on domestic electric to supply Single Phase.
  • "BABA" grinds different types of grains, pulses and dry masala.
  • The high quality has well balanaced emery wheels. They have a long life and are not needed to be redressed time to time.
  • "BABA" is mechanically well balanced, so it reauces the noise factor and Power Consumption.
  • "BABA" Flourmill is well guarded by a protected cover on the V-Belt to avoid accidents.
  • Electric motor is safe by MCB Switch.
  • The coarse or fine flour adjustment is very simple. Easy to move by having a trolly system.

"BABA" Flourmill does not require a cumbersome cleaning after use because the flour or grains do not remain on emery stones. Assured prompt after sales service.

Stoneless Flour Mill (Fully Automatic Features) :-

  • Eight nets give you 100% pure flour according to your choice and automatically filtered.
  • Get flour without particals of iron & stone. Long bearing life due to rotar balance.
  • Motor without comouterise dynamic clutch.
  • Electric. circuit for safety of electric motor.
  • Easy Setting because regulator is microfine.
  • Without Belt, Pulley, Gear & stone/ emerystone.
  • BABA gives you maximum average due to its unique single trip Electromagnetic system not only identity the type of grains but also regulates the feeding.

Stainless Steel ( Steel Body) :-

  • At times emery stone accumulates a thin layer of flour due to constant thin grinding so it’s average grinding capacity drops a little Grinding average.
  • While fitting the delivery cover and cleaning emery stones keep regulator at No. One.
  • Stop flour mill a few seconds later after the disposal of the grain in the hopper.
  • Earthing is a must where mill is installed.
Grinding Capacity / Hour :-
Grinding Capacity
8-10 kg.
6 Kg.
Milet +Maize
4-6 Kg.
5 kg.
20 Kg.
Black Gram
20-30 Kg.
Green Gram
20 kg.
10 kg.
Black Papper
12 kg.
5 kg.
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